Don’t Panic! All High School ‘Seniors’ Military Jobs Await You! Get paid to Go to College

The choices high school seniors make on graduation determines the direction their lives take. Those are “the times that try men’s souls.”

Many young people today feel they’re faced with poor choices, or no choices. The pressure to prepare for their future is compromised by their need to support themselves in an increasingly difficult marketplace. Finding a way to get paid to go to college is possible.

Often it seems as if their choice is between plunging into debt through crippling college loans they will struggle for decades to repay, or accepting low-paying, dead-end jobs that offer no hope for their future. Entry level, manufacturing jobs once open to young people have disappeared in America, and the growing service economy is the end of hope. For ambitious high school seniors, military jobs can be the answer to their prayers.

Get Paid To Go To College
Today, a college education is vital to any worthwhile, white-collar employment. Unfortunately, in the civilian sector the cost average for a basic college education is $35,000 per year. Starting out in life saddled with a debt larger than the price of many family’s home is not just daunting, but is simply counter-productive. Opportunities like that are sentences; not opportunities.

In contrast, high school seniors’ military jobs often require the finest educations available, and those educations are paid for by the military. During the time spent pursuing advanced degrees, military students receive stipends for their living expenses, as well as paid tuition, allowances for books and fees, and a level of professional, dedicated career counselling that simply doesn’t exist in civilian life.

The military needs people to succeed, and they have a vested interest in students’ ability to finish their courses with honors. No where else is education treated with the respect it deserves. No where else are students supported so substantially in and out of class. No where else is an education tied so directly to a students future employment, during service, or even post service.

The education a student receives in the military reflects that interest in their success whether they study medicine, electronics, public safety, or any other academic discipline. Educational benefits also extend to post-service when many former military students choose to begin their education with years of prior experience in their field.

Get Paid To Learn A Trade
Not everyone wants to spend years in college once they’ve left high school. Military Occupational Specialities in the Army number more than 200, and provide training and experience in areas as diverse as engineering and construction, health care, and mechanical maintenance and allow you to get paid to go to college. To these, the Navy adds training in aviation, transportation, the arts, and media. The Marines and Air Force add everything from avionics and aircraft maintenance to transport, flying, and navigation. Apprenticeship is a given in the military. It’s part of everyone’s, ongoing job. Training never ends, and the level and different fields of training military personnel achieve is based solely on their ability, performance, and interests.

Current high school seniors ‘military jobs’ experience are in high demand after their service if they choose to leave the military. As the leader in the development and deployment of technological innovations, the military must, and does, remain on the cutting edge of the technical sciences, and trades. Employers actively seek post-service personnel because of the level of competency they’ve attained, the discipline they’ve developed as part of the armed services, and the work ethic they bring with them as a matter of course.

High school seniors’ military opportunities offer more than a just a good job at good pay. The opportunities available offer them a future.

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