Top 10 Military Careers For African-Americans

In corporate America, African-Americans often feel left out. Unemployment among African-Americans is typically about twice that of non-minorities. It wasn’t until 1999 that any Fortune 500 company was headed by an African-American. He lasted five years. The total top positions ever filled by African-Americans in all Fortune 500 companies combined is six. It’s no wonder that African-Americans turn to the military branches like the US Navy for a level playing field.

The Navy Means Opportunity
Navy careers for African-Americans have been virtually unlimited in the Navy since Ensign Oscar Holmes became the first African American Naval Aviator in 1949, the same year Lt. Cmdr. Wesley Brown completed his education at the US Naval Academy. While corporate America continues to struggle with attitudes that impair minority opportunity, careers for African-Americans in the Navy are the same ones available to non-minorities. Because corporations actively seek, and compete for, African-Americans who have already achieved a substantial level of success, post-service employment is nearly guaranteed, and extremely lucrative. Since Navy pay is based on years of service as well as rank, and hard to detail, civilian salaries for the following positions give an idea of how those jobs are valued.

Countdown To The Top
#10 Human Resources Specialists oversee interactions between service members, their superiors, recruitment and service issues, promotions, and retirement. Post-service, an HR Director is valued in the neighbourhood of $99,000.

#9 An education as a Civil Engineer is the best education money can buy. The US Navy Civil Engineer Corps provides that education, and follows it with the kind of work experience corporate America lusts for. Starting pay, post-service, can reach $100,000.

#8 Responsibilities as professional Finance Officers in the Navy include overseeing all financial activities. From payroll, to purchasing and accounting, they see to the accurate disbursement and receipt of all payments required by the Navy. The civilian sector values their services, post-military, at a minimum of $100,000 a year.

#7 Arts and Photography Specialists are trained to use the most advanced forms of technology in visual media. Post-service, as a Principal Partner in a graphic design firm, they can expect $113,000 to start.

#6 Nuclear Specialists are responsible for the most powerful, cutting edge technology in the world. Their services are commonly valued in the $117,000 a year range.

#5 Telecommunications Officers’ duties in the Navy include working with, and designing, the most sophisticated communications systems currently online. Post-service their talents and experience earn them a starting salary of $126,000.

#4 Special Operations describe disciplines from Explosive Ordinance Disposal to Navy Divers and SEALs. What they can earn post-service is difficult to estimate because of the nature of their work, and is seldom calculated as a yearly salary. But their unique experience in the Navy qualifies them for the highest pay available for the work they do.

#3 Intelligence and Communications Specialists are the James Bonds of the modern world. Their expertise in global conflicts makes them supremely qualified for the most difficult assignments our government can offer. A starting salary of $155,000 is common.

#2 CEO is the Navy rank comparable to the Chief Executive Office of any corporate institution with all the responsibilities and experience inherent in that position. Post-service salaries are nearly unlimited at this level, but begin at $450,000.

Of course, the number 1 job in the US Navy is, has been, and will always be as a Navy Seaman. Commitment to country, shipmates, and duty makes him a hero, honoured around the world. There is no pay sufficient to reward what he does. Ultimately, he answers a higher call.

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