Navy Air Crewmen Careers

Serving in the Navy as an Air Crewman is an exciting and challenging opportunity. If you sign up at enlistment and are assigned tactical duties within this career rating then you will have opportunities to see different places in the world while on active duty. You will have a chance to use and serve on some of the most advanced aviation aircraft and technological advanced systems in the world. You could work with Jet Aircraft, Helicopters, or turbo propeller aircraft, and be able to participate in some of the most physically demanding training in the world. If you sign up and receive a guaranteed school you could also receive cross training in another similar specialty. For example, many aircrew members that attend a Navy class A school also are trained as rescue swimmers or loadmasters, it depends on the needs of the Navy and what the opportunities are where you receive your training. When you graduate from a Navy Aircrew school you are almost guaranteed to serve aboard ship. Some billets are assigned to shore based air stations, but many aircrew members serve aboard a floating air launch platform such as one of our fine United States Navy Aircraft Carriers. Some of the smaller ships also have air platforms for helicopters or even CV 22 tilt rotor aircraft. When you qualify and receive flight training you will then be eligible for the flight pay bonus that air crewmembers receive because of their duty billet, and because their duty is considered hazardous duty because of its nature. When you are assigned or guaranteed a flight crew billet in the Navy you sign up for at least a five-year commitment. The normal enlistment of four years is extended because serving as a flight crewmember has a lot of advanced training to qualify as a full aircrew member. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! If you are in excellent physical condition, and have a good ability to manage stress this may be the job for you. You could be assigned to perform preflight equipment and systems checks, to operate various sensors, weapons gear, or communications gear. You may be required to perform as an aircrew loadmaster, or to assist in search and rescue of ships at sea, downed aviators or pilots, or other types of rescue operations.




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