Top 10 Military Careers That Pay The Big Bucks In Civilian Life

If you’re wise and considering enlisting into the military, you may want to ponder on an exit plan. Such a plan that pays big once you serve your enlistment or commission down the road.

The good news is that you’re already a veteran.

Where others may find it difficult to land a good job that also pays well, veterans seem to be coming out on top. Many companies make it a priority to seek out military members looking for a change in uniform. The icing on that piece of cake is that these companies are also paying top dollar for veterans.

Top 10 Military Careers and jobs for Veterans:

1 – Chief Executive Officer
Your military training allows you a few skill sets that most aren’t taught normally. Those skill sets is leadership and initiative. You can find a position as the CEO or Vice President of a corporation or start your own business.

2 – Information Technology
Many of these jobs are also government contract positions that require security clearances that are already obtained through your military career. Some jobs may require a degree but many allow for experience and particular trade related certifications in lieu of the degree.

3 – Engineering
A good amount of military jobs are in the engineering field. This includes structural, electrical, mechanical, and aviation. Like the information technology field, many of the civilian jobs for engineers are dealing with government contracts. Engineering jobs range from technical assembly to research and design.

4- Medicine
From doctors to medical assistants, it’s no secret that the medical field is one of the highest paying careers. Depending on your education training and experience will determine what end of the payscale you will find yourself.

5 – Human Resources Manager

Throughout your military career, you are taught to lead a wide range of people. A mid-ranking veteran often advises and mentors junior personnel in not only their job but also in ways to help them in regards to career advancement and benefits. A background in office administration is often required.

6 – Sales Manager
Sales are a tricky industry that requires a can-do-attitude. Effective sales managers will see excellent pay and opportunities for travel and advancement.

7 – Project Manager
Top notch leadership skills and the ability to not only keep a steady pace are all but the beginning of the project manager’s job. Effective project managers with certifications easily make six-digit salaries.

8 – Security Manager
Working for a security firm will allow for travel and highest pay but there is also a huge demand for security managers domestically. Corporate security managers that work in loss-prevention and asset security will provide a vial role and receive the best pay.

9 – Logistics Manager
Dealing with logistics is a way of life in the military. That experience is impressive to major shipping and logistics companies that often hire veterans, even without direct experience.

10 – Aviation
Working in aviation means working in a highly secure and regulated industry. The veteran’s military background is ideal for various positions that pay much higher than similar jobs in different industries.

These top jobs are looking for experienced veterans with the desire to succeed. Some require degrees and additional training that can be attained by using the Montgomery G.I. Bill. Some companies even provide tuition assistance as a benefit for veterans.

Check out the Veteran Job Board for more information about veteran careers!




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