US Military Releases 9 Iraq Hostages

The US Military has played an active role in the war against terrorism, moving into various locations throughout Iraq provinces. In recent activities, the US Military has moved forward to make sure that there are 9 Iraq hostages released from Arbil. The detainees have been held captive for nearly a year, having been a hostage from January of this year. This is, by far, some of the longest hostage detainees that the country has had in quite some time.

The US Military plays an active role in making sure that there are no stops that are held out while making sure that the detainees are released in as sufficient time as possible. As much, the US Military strives to make sure that there is no one that is hurt in the transaction, moving in as swiftly and prominent as possible. This is essential to make sure that the Iranians no longer have a large threat from the Iraqi people.

There has been a long standing argument between the two countries, who are both vying for the attention of having the other in a submissive state. All 9 detainees are expected to be released in the next few days, which will ease the tensions somewhat between the countries. Many people are looking to bring the 9 detainees home, and will do so in due time with the assistance from the US Military. The battle for peace in the area has proven to be an arduous road, but is sure to ease up with time.




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