How To Ace The ASVAB Test And Get The Best Military Career

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery or ASVAB test is the probably the single most important test a military member will take. In most cases, the test is taken once during the beginning of the recruiting process. For many, new recruits are often blindsided and score much differently than expected. Knowing how to take the test and what to expect is the best way to get the job you want, not only during the recruiting process but throughout your military career.

1 – Know the test.

The test is a measure of your knowledge and abilities. The multiple choice exam focuses on several different subjects. General science, arithmatic reasoning, mathematical knowledge, word knowledge, and paragraph comprehension are part of the basic knowledge parts of the exam. Engineering knowledge, mechanical comprehension, and object assembly are specialized areas that test your physical dexterity and attributes. These scores are then averaged and compiled with the lowest scoring portion eliminated. This score is then translated into a percentage. A general passing score of 70% is often the requirement.

2 – Know the AFQT.

The ASVAB breaks down each section of the test into components. The components, commonly known as “ASVAB Scores” are the direct skills needed for each particular branch. The Armed Forces Qualification Test scores or AFQT scores are a representation of your skills and knowledge how they apply towards particular military jobs in that branch. Researching the AFQT requirements for the jobs you are looking to get into will help you in finding out if you are qualified for that job.

3 – Study what you need to.

The ASVAB is a generalized test. Meaning that there is no true way to pass or fail it. The test is merely an assessment of your skills and knowledge. When you walk into a recruiter’s office, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what kind of job you want. Research what the qualification requirements are for those jobs then study in the areas that are part of the qualifications.

4 – Take practice tests.

There are plenty of resources available with study guides and ASVAB practice tests. If you are unsure about your test taking skills, these provide for great practice runs. They are accurate in their portrayal of what the ASVAB test is like. Once you’ve built your confidence, schedule an appointment for the real exam.

Remember that you can only take the ASVAB once a year and the test you take often follows you well into your military career. It will not only determine your job initially but should you want to change your job while in the military or even apply for special programs like SpecOps or officer candidacy. Your best bet is to go in and score the best as you can on every section as this will look really good to your recruiter and allow you more options. Obviously this isn’t a requirement, though. If you have a particular job in mind, you can focus on what the qualifications are for that job.

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