Army Enlisted Living Benefits

Joining the Army has many advantages, some of them are not as well known as others. The Army has become an organization that values the most precious equipment and asset that it has: its personnel. The importance of keeping personnel morale up and people working hard cannot be underestimated. The Army has created and expanded many of its benefits for Servicemembers in recent years to help keep enlisted satisfaction and military readiness high. The money that you earn in pay is just one of the enlisted benefits, but the funds that you enjoy in the form of allowances is another positive benefit when you enlist in the Army. Soldiers that enlist in the Army join and receive meals and their housing as part of their compensation. If you have a need or are allowed to live off base, and this is agreed to by the Army then you will receive funds for housing and off base meals, this is one example of an Army Allowance. Some of the different types of allowances include travel allowance, family separation allowance, cola (cost of living allowance) clothing allowance, food allowance, housing allowance, even moving and relocation allowances. Cost of Living Allowance: In some areas of the world the cost of living is especially high, and this is a common problem overseas at times. There are even different locales in the United States where it is expensive simply to live. Soldiers who are enlisted in the Army receive a Cost of Living Allowance to make up for the increased cost of living. Food Allowance: This is the allowance that pays for enlisted soldiers and officer’s cost for food. For single soldiers they will receive up to four meals a day, on base at the base dining facilities. If a Soldier has a family and lives off base, or on base housing then they will likely receive a financial amount. This financial amount is for soldiers who have permission or authorization to eat off bases, and it is called a Basic Allowance for Subsistence, or BAS. The amount averages over 200 dollars a month to help pay for the cost of food for the soldier and their dependents, if any. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Housing Allowance: This is the amount provided for a soldier for housing, and its called the Basic Allowance for Housing. It is partly based on rank, location, family status and other factors. It can be the second most dollar amount of compensation for many soldiers. Clothing: This is simply an amount to help offset the amount of money needed to maintain the Servicemembers Uniform.




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