Air Force Aerial Gunner Careers

One of the more exciting Air Force Careers is the job of Aerial Gunner. An Aerial gunner is an air force crewmember that is charged with operating a wide variety of weapons systems and munitions, against enemy forces. Part of the duties of Aerial Gunner is to be an active member of the aerial aircrew. You will be responsible for acting as a loadmaster, and for assisting personnel that may ride as a passenger on your aircraft for safety issues or other procedures. You will work to perform a number of duties including pre and post flight operations, and weapons systems. Operating as an Air Force Aerial Gunner is an elite Air Force position there is a lot of competition for membership on Air force aircraft as a crewmember. As an Air Force Aerial Gunner you will participate in combat, training and other missions as necessary for the operating tempo of your unit. You will take part in electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems testing and maintenance, and participate in operations to keep your aircraft and weapons systems in top running order. You will be taught how to use a variety of equipment including night vision devices, and navigation charts and scans to assist with navigation of your aircraft. You will work to read and interpret flight manuals that are specific to the aircraft on which you serve. You will work to participate in live fire and drill missions as well as combat and training missions under a number of different scenarios. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. You will learn skills on how to operate aircraft systems, hoists, winches and how to serve as rescue equipment and emergency safety equipment. You will work to perform duties that include: small ammunition, flares, maintaining weapons and ammunition for your aircraft, helping the other aircrew members as required, assisting the flight engineer during emergency and remote operations, performing flight maintenance and repair as necessary of airborne weapons systems, and learn skills to use in emergencies to repair systems while under actual battlefield conditions. You will attend advanced individual training at an Air Force Aircrew school, and you will then advance to further training depending on the aircraft in which you are chosen to serve on. You will receive advanced weapons based training and be assigned to an operational Air Force command. You will have to attend the Basic Air Force Aerial Gunner Course at some point.




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military dot image Colby Cole    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

I’m interested in becoming an Aerial Gunner in Idaho or Utah. I’m currently a SSgt. and crew Chief on the F-16. I would like to know more about available slots and locations.

Thank you.

military dot image larryf    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

Hey Colby, congrats on your rank and being a crew chief for the F-16! WOW! Listen, I would strongly recommend calling direct to your local Air Force recruiter to discuss with him/her the current openings and opportunities in becoming an Aerial Gunner. Especially in Idaho or Utah. There local number should be easy to find, if not, let me know. Best, Larry

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