Military Family Counseling Benefits

Many families of reservists and active duty Servicemembers have been dramatically affected by their loved ones on active duty. Guard and Reserve personnel have been activated in the last decade at record numbers, and the resulting service has done their country proud, but after their service having these selfsame Servicemembers return home has at times been a challenge. Servicemembers at crucial times need help to find ways of coping, of dealing with the tension and stress that come naturally as a result of their service and the changes that mobilizing and then trying to return home brings. Members have began to look more to the Department of Defense and their individual services for service and opportunities to get help to solve their stress and anxiety issues. As of a result of the overwhelming need, there have been a number of programs set up by the military and the DoD. The United States Department of Defense takes counseling services and the need for psychological help very seriously and has worked to create a number of different programs. Beginning with the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, and with the War of Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, there have been a continual need for counseling services. The director of the Office of Family Policy for the DoD is Barbara Thompson. “We began to first work to increase services to Servicemember Families with the 9/11 survivors.” Said Ms. Thompson. There are a number of different possible solutions when a Servicemember needs counseling services. Some of the best ones are through the DoD medical programs, but they are not the only one. There is also a program that is outside the chain of command, where individuals can go to get help. It is called Give An Hour, and it is a program that individuals who are having a rough time can receive counseling. It is a program designed for Military Servicemembers so they can receive counseling without being embarrassed or revealed. Some types of military service looks down upon those who get counseling as weak, or those who need services but are afraid that they would be looked down upon by their command or military peers. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Give An Hour program is one that is available through the Web Site, you are able to enter your zip code and receive a local licensed therapist that you can see at no charge. Therapists donate their time in one or more hours that are given to the program. Records are confidential, and are kept private between the therapist and the Servicemember.




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