Senior Navy Education Voucher Program

The Navy has begun to stress the importance of education for its Servicemembers over the last several years. They have began to realize that the importance and gain realized by having personnel that are college educated is a issue of military readiness, that educated and trained soldiers represent a distinct advantage over soldiers sailors and airmen who do not have an advanced education. The older more seasoned Veterans in the Navy have been given quite an education at sea, and in the past their service was taken for granted, and not a great deal was done to assist them in getting a higher education. This has slowly began to change over the last twenty years. The Navy has realized that the senior members of its enlisted service need help and support, and so have developed a number of programs that serve to give that sort of assistance. The Navy Education Voucher program is a relatively new program that is designed to help give assistance to the senior enlisted Navy person who is already at pay grade E-7 or above. The personnel that get involved in the program have to be seeking a 4 year bachelor degree, or a Masters degree. This program works to help pay for a senior enlisted person to take classes in pursuit of a degree. There are some restrictions in the program however. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The program of study that the Senior Enlisted person chooses has to be somehow “Navy Relevant,” or work to support or associate with the Navy, or helping the Navy in some way. This can be in direct or indirect ways, but must benefit the Navy in some manner or means. The personnel that seek to participate in this program must be considered superior performers by their Commanding Officer, and be no more than 18 years in service for E-7, no more than 20 years total in service or less for E-8, and no more than 24 years total in service for E-9. This is a program for those who are looking to end their career on shore duty, or who will have an opportunity to attend a shore-based institution based on their duty station. If an applicant is on current sea duty, they may participate with the support and approval of their commanding officer that will have to work with the Applicant to get shore duty assigned.




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