Army Animal Medical Care Careers

Many people do not realize the amount of Animals that serve in the Army, there are Army Patrol Dogs, government sled dogs, special research animals such as sea mammals, and dress and ceremonial animals that serve in the Army as regular duty service animals. As such, sometimes these animals require care, both in regular care and feeding, and sometimes-medical related care. Their tending and needs are met by Army professional Animal handlers, and Army Animal Medical care staff.

An Army Medical Care specialist is a person that is responsible for a variety of duties. They are responsible for giving care to government animals, and they assist veterinary staff at Army animal clinics, Army animal hospitals and animal care units both at home and overseas. There are Army animal medical care facilities located at Army and military facilities around the world, supervised by Army Veterinary doctors and staff, and that work closely with Army animals needing care and support.

Animal Army Care specialists work in the Army to administer ordered medication, to assist in the surgical repair of injuries to animals, and to keep records and track animal treatment and Care. They work to take histories on animals from handlers and trainers, and animal owners, and they participate in the Army animal wellness program by performing routine basic wellness checks as directed by an Army licensed veterinarian. The work under the direct supervision of Veterinary staff, and they are responsible for recording and monitoring animals, tracking vital signs, and taking notes of any changes or abnormal signs they encounter when dealing with animals.

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The animal Care Army Specialist is a care and assistance specialist that works closely with Army vets and animal hospital staff to make sure those animals is well treated and cared for. They work to take routine samples, and collect skin, feces, urine and animal blood samples for a variety of testing and ordered tests. Animal Care specialists assist in post mortem animal autopsies to help discover the cause for disease, or in some cases to determine the cause of death. Candidates that wish to work to work in the Army as animal care specialists have to have normal hearing and color vision, and be able to perform relatively heavy work. You have to have a HS diploma or GED, and have taken and passed high school biology. Check out for free college scholarships.




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I am a Biology student with an animal care background. I am due to complete my degree in August of 2012. I also have an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. I am looking for potential positions in the military that will allow me to continue working with animals.

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