Allied Ambassadors Visit Cuscatlan Unit

Salvador And American Dignitaries Visit El Salvador Battalion Partly as an inspection trip, and partly to help celebrate an El Salvadoran military holiday, a group of dignitaries from the American Embassy and visiting El Salvadorian officials visited the field recently, touring the Coalition forces and in particular visiting with the local Cuscatlan Coalition Battalion. They were visiting to observe operations, and to check on the morale and mission among the Salvadoran soldiers during their visit to the field on May 14th. Jorge Alberto Molina Contreras is the Division General and National Salvadoran Defense minister, and Eduardo Ernesto Mendoza Morales, the Chief of Armed Forces for El Salvador, joined him. Also among the visiting officials was American Ambassador Charles Glazer. The Salvadoran troops have been doing many different missions involved with humanitarian Aid, and reconstruction, and they have been very successful in their efforts throughout the local Iraqi region. “The soldiers from El Salvador have directly benefits the Iraqi people helping in over 300 different projects,” said Ambassador Glazer. The Commander of the 214th Fire Brigade and Forward Operating base Delta commander, Colonel Peter Baker, also praised the soldiers from El Salvador. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! “We are pleased and honored to be able to serve alongside the El Salvador forces,” said Colonel Baker. “Coalition Forces have distributed nearly 364 million dollars worth of humanitarian aid and much of it has been handled and distributed professionally by the soldiers from El Salvador,” said Colonel Baker.




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