Kirkuk Academy Assists In Reconciliation

Coalition Aids Release Of 122 Former Detainees As the conflict in Iraq has stretched on, there has been a lot of effort toward reconciliation. In the process, there was a release of 122 detainees from the Kirkuk province recently. This was the largest release of prisoners, and is hoped will lead to the eventual release and reconciliation of more people. The detainees were released as part of a national effort at reconciliation. The detainees have all been screened, and met with different members of the Iraqi government and the coalition. They have all agreed to renounce violence, and pledged allegiance to the new Government of Iraq, and to live at peace. More than 400 members of the detainees families came to the release ceremony at the Kirkuk Police Academy grounds. Many provincial and local leaders also came and attended the ceremony. The two Rule of Law Judges, Farouk and Nauman also were at the ceremony. The Rule of law judges are the officials ultimately responsible for the decision on who was to be released. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. The Kirkuk Police Director General Thaker urged the detainees being released to make good on this opportunity to rejoin society and to work for true reconciliation. They were reminded to work hard to rejoin the community and that their efforts toward this end would be well met and blessed.




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