Navy SEAL Admiral McRaven Stirs America During Speech

Amazing for all to take note(s)!

Admiral Bill McRaven stirred the hearts of the University of Texas graduates by summarizing life’s lessons derived from his 36 year Navy SEAL experience.

He grabbed the attention of all that were there by sharing his BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL) training while in Coronado CA. Of course, this is where all Navy SEALS are trained during their six months at Club Coronado!

Of course, his speech has already been widely circulated via the internet, but if you… or any close friend or family member that you truly care for has not watched it, this is your chance!

Life’s lessons that can truly benefit your life are here. Just watch, take notes and live them out! Then, success may be yours.

McRavens Speech To University of Texas Students




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