Army Construction Rock Quarry Jobs

The job of an Army Enlisted Rock Quarryman is one that works in the Construction field. You will use equipment and work to construct roads, buildings, and facilities for the Army. The job of working in a rock quarry may seem odd at first, but it is actually a job that has a great deal of importance. The job of being an Army Quarryman has more variety in it than you may imagine, you would be assigned to work in any number of different construction projects using aggregate or rock quarry materials. The Army performs construction tasks that are much like civilian road construction projects in many ways. You will utilize general Construction equipment, to construct dams, roads, airfields, and other various types of facilities and buildings using quarry type materials. As a quarry specialist you will be an expert in construction of different types and be trained how to construct things made out of rock and quarry products. You will routinely operate heavy equipment such as diesel rock crushers, caterpillar tractors, skidders, loaders, and other large quarry type vehicles. You will operate and learn how to use different equipment and special purpose gear such as scrapers, drills, compressors, air tools, and large grading equipment. You will work to use different equipment to perform pumping, auguring, digging, ditching, and compaction type activity. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. After the nine weeks of Basic training you will eventually be assigned to a seven week advanced individual school where you will be instructed on construction principals, and general principals of rock quarry work. You will learn both in the field, hands on and in the classroom various skills and concepts. You will learn how to use construction equipment to accomplish specific assigned tasks and construct certain types of structures and roads. You will learn the maintenance and repair of various types of different construction equipment. You may be eligible for various types of work vocational apprenticeship programs, which may offer you civilian credit at the same time as military job credit. You will learn to operate rotary sweepers and tillers, how to use huge earth augers and large wheeled vehicles, how to assist and perform different elements of Combat Engineer duties, as well as how to backfill, dig, and perform other different road construction tasks.




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