Shocking 71 Percent No Longer Qualify For US Military!

US Pentagon has just announced that a staggering 71% of military applicants are not qualified to serve!

All to say, the United States Military is no longer the ‘back up plan if all else fails’ for America’s youth when entering the work force! No more ample supplies of ‘sign up’ bonuses and the advertising lures of free college on every website catering to the young.

According to Retired Major General Youngman, “we have young people showing up at the recruiter’s office who want to serve but are 50 (or more) pounds overweight. They’re not educationally qualified to join (the military) in any capacity, not just the high-tech jobs.” In fact, the volume of prospects who are applying for the military who do not have a high school degree has also jumped to 21 percent!

Education is not the only culprit! Common rejections vary from weight which often dictates health issues and limited physical abilities, mental limitations as more young people are prescription drug dependent, legal problems mainly drug use and more recently new restrictions regarding tattoos and ear piercing.

So why so many restrictions that we haven’t seen in the past? Simple. The military man power cut backs in the Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force have allowed each of the branches to be more selective. Meaning more picky thus eliminating the bottom 70% applicants or so.

Sadly, America’s youth is the one demographic that has been hit the hardest regarding real world civilian unemployment.

So what does it require to be in the top 25% today? Simple. Stay in school! Get at least a high school degree. If possible, get a college degree as the percentage of college graduates entering the military continues to spiral! Obviously, stay off drugs and maintain an active life style that keeps you physically healthy. This may mean limiting the beer & pizza parties along with endless hours playing video games. And if you’re in high school, start thinking now about your future! No matter if you’re interested in pursuing the military, a college degree or that special job… Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Bottom line… it’s your future, not your parents!




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Do u accept foreigners leaving outside US? I have a 1st Degree, 40yrs, but physically fit

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The youth should be educated to leave a healthy life.

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