Army Business Management Careers

The Army has a specialist that works to deal with managing everything and everything in regards to supply and procurement. Army trucks don’t leave bases, and Aircraft does not take off without having the parts supplies and accessories necessary. Each of the services has personnel that deal with supply and procurement, but the Army has a specialist that deals with business supplies and personnel management. It does not matter if you are stationed overseas, or stationed stateside, some things do not occur without the proper paperwork and procedures being done. If you serve in the Army as a Business manager you will deal with making sure that the necessary supplies and equipment is ordered to keep the Army mission going. The work environment for an Army business manager is normally in a warehouse or office, and the work environment is basically the same, as you would find in most office environments. The work business management field can vary widely, and you can be responsible for a single person office, or be in charge of a sixty-man warehouse team. Some of the duties and responsibilities can involve: using and operating different pieces of office equipment, computers and cash registers, preparing and putting into use records and inventory and equipment, manage and operating different warehouse inventories, and to track supplies, equipment, parts and clothing, along with fiscal record keeping. You will work with a variety of Army personnel, as well as personnel on occasion from other services. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! You will start your career with Army Basic Combat Training, for 9 weeks. After Basic training you will advance to an advanced training facility to learn different skills and concepts involved in the Army procurement and business management. You will participate in operating methods and training skills in both classroom and in simulated field exercises. Basic retail and marketing training will be part of your regime. After your advanced training you will be stationed at an Army location, or in the field somewhere around the world. After you are assigned to your initial duty station, you will be responsible for a specific area or division management area. You will have an opportunity to learn and grow as you serve in your job specialty. As you continue in your Army career, you will advance in rank and have a chance to supervise and command junior enlisted personnel.




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