3rd Brigade Combat Erected Greenhouse

Mahmudiyah Receives New Irrigated Growth Center The coalition soldiers that helped build a greenhouse as well as citizens and farmers that will benefit by the new greenhouse constructed in Mahmudiyah gathered for its grand opening on May 10th. The greenhouse is in the Shukrega area about 25 kilometers due south of Baghdad. This is a project that is designed to build capacity for the Iraqi Farmers, to aid their efforts to start crops in a protected and sheltered environment. The greenhouse was build on local farm land of Iraqi Farmer Oday Ibrahim Ghatwan Al- Gherem and it will feature a new drip irrigation system. This type of system is new to Iraqi farmers and promises to help get new plant starts off to a great start prior to their transplanting. “This new project gives local farmers the opportunity to see how effective a greenhouse can be for farmers and how it can give them the advantage,” said Captain Benjamin Torpy. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The successes of the greenhouse will then lead to other area farmers throughout Iraq wanting to establish greenhouses for themselves. Greenhouses are a relatively new concept for Iraqi Farmers, and it is an effective method to make sure that young plants get a healthy and robust start in their growth cycle. The area that the new greenhouse was constructed in has had record low rainfall in recent years, and so this new method of growing young plants has a huge potential positive impact.




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