Montgomery GI Bill Reserve Benefits

The benefits that are available to Reservists through the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve is one way that reservists can get educational help. This helped to encourage reservists that are serving in the National Guard or Reserves to further their education. This includes all five branches of the reserve service, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, as well as all of the National Guard and Air Guard. Certain elements of the program can also apply for active duty Servicemembers in some situations, but you do not have to have served on active duty to be qualified for this specific program. A reservist who is qualified can get benefits for their education while enrolled in a university, VA approved college, or other training program. You are eligible if you have: -Maintained good standing in a reserve or selected reserve unit. -You signed up to serve in the Selected Reserves anytime after June of 1985. -You have already completed your initial training for active duty. -You have already competed your diploma for your HS education, or gotten a GED The MGIB benefits you qualify for is based on the different type of training that you are enrolling in. If you are attending the university or a college, then the amount of payment that you receive that is based on the enrollment that you have, quarter time, half time, three quarter time or full time. The amount for maximum training is approx $300 dollars a month, with less for lesser amounts for enrollment under full time. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. This is the first program that does not require a member to be on active duty to qualify. You become eligible anytime after October 1st, 1992, and you have as a rule 14 years after you first qualify to use your benefits. In some cases you can extend the time that you have to use your benefits if you were delayed because of any type of service connected disability. If you are eligible you should get a DD form 2384 or the form 2384-1. You should located a program that you are interested in that you believe qualifies for VA selected reserve MGIB funding, and after you finish the application, then you should send it to the VA regional Office that services the area that you are in. There are additional tutorial assistance and work-study programs available through the VA, you should check out all the programs to see what you are qualified for.




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