Navy Marine Corps Education Benefits

There are a number of educational benefits available when you enlist in the Navy or the Marine Corps. These benefits are available both in the form of traditional types of educational benefits, and also in the form of aid financially from a number of different organizations. Tuition Assistance is available through your individual service, if you are on active duty and seek to attend school while on active duty this may be your best option. The Marine Corps and Navy Society have educational programs that are designed to give help to the Navy and Marine Corps Servicemembers and their families in getting educational financial assistance. The financial assistance is based on a number of factors, including financial need, the situation and conditions surrounding the Servicemember and their family and the amount and type of funds that are available at the time of your application. There are several different types of programs, and it in the best interest of the Servicemember to find out what programs and what types of assistance that are available and that you may qualify for. Each of the programs have different requirements and to qualify as a general rule the applicant should have at least a C average of their previous studies, either in high school or any previous college coursework that they have taken. There are a number of programs available, and many different types of scholarships also available. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. To qualify for the Marine Corps Navy Education Relief Society programs you have to be working toward or applying to a program that is approved by their individual service and the Department of Education. Talk to your command, and ask questions from different individuals, the more you do your homework, the more you will be qualified to make sound decisions. You have to make sure that the program that you are pursuing is on the approved Dept. Of Education list. There are many types of aid and scholarships available; some of the programs are such as: Society Bridge Loans- The society gives loans to cover the cost of an education while you are waiting for benefits from MGIB or TA to come through. They are designed to help a Servicemember to begin school as they are waiting for Tuition Assistance or other aid from their GI bill program to come in.




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