Army Enlisted Mason And Carpenters

The active duty Army Carpenters and Enlisted Masons are always working, they are working to build and remodel facilities and Army projects. Without the professional work and services of the Army enlisted Carpenters and Masons a lot of different projects would grind to a halt and stop. Army Masons and Carpenters use a wide variety of tools, and have even a greater variety of skill sets and equipment that they use. Army Carpenters work in general and specialized construction working with stone, wood, structural steel, and masonry, and a variety of other different building materials. As an Army Carpenter and Mason you will be involved in fabricating trusses, basic masonry and utilizing carpentry skills. You will work to sheath, frame, layout, and construct roof existing structures, you will work to repair and construct all different types of structures and buildings. As you will work as an Army apprentice and Carpentry worker, you will first have to attend basic training, just as in any of the armed services. You will then proceed to training for 7 weeks, for advanced individual training, where you will learn a number of different carpenter skills, and masonry techniques. You will receive instruction in how to use basic technology and construction concrete techniques, how to complete and perform control concrete tests, and how to use concrete finishing tools. You will be instructed on the placing of concrete assemblies, and the placing of forms, consolidation equipment, and the placing of concrete forms. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. If you have experience in working with your hands, or any experience in dealing with industrial sciences, you should be well suited for the job of Army Mason and Carpenter. You should be skilled in science and mathematics, and be able to perform physically taxing work. If you enjoy working outdoors, and are in fair to excellent physical shape you should excel in this position. You will be responsible for additional responsibility for younger more inexperienced soldiers to help and assist them during their initial training. You will be responsible for supervising job sites, soldiers on certain construction work areas, and to use blueprints and construction drawings. You will work to install roofing, flooring, and other building components. You will learn how to use prefabrication structures, and pre engineered metal structures.




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