Navy Small Arms Repair Careers

Serving in the Navy as a Small Arms Repair person involves dealing with weapons of all different kinds. You are the person that is responsible with maintaining, inspecting, and repairing different and various weapons systems that are in use by Navy personnel, both afloat and ashore. You are the person who is responsible for keeping mission weaponry in working order. The Small Arms repair technician is the person that performs basic repair and maintenance functions on weapons to keep them in tip top condition and operating order. They will inspect, repair, and supervise maintenance of small arms, rifles, handguns, and other weapons that are carried by individual Navy personnel. You will function under the supervision of senior enlisted members to perform the basic repair and inspection functions. You are also responsible for their care and cleaning. This is a job that will keep you in dealing with basic weapons repair and upkeep; you will work to assist in all different types of duties that are related to the care and maintenance of Navy Unit small Arms and weapons. You will be expected to maintain the maintenance records on your unit small arms, and to keep up with the maintenance schedule on unit weaponry. You will work with technical manuals, and specifications on small unit weapons, rifles and handguns. As you progress to the rank of Corporal or above, you will assist in supervising and training other soldiers that work in the small arms repair field with you. Part of keeping your unit in military readiness is keeping the small arms in excellent operational order, so you are an important part of your units overall military readiness. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! To qualify as a Navy Small Arms Repair person you have to score 90 or above on the MM part of the ASVAB test. You have to pass screening for Command Arms, Ammunition and explosives, and pass a general background check. Training for a Navy Small arms repair career begins with boot camp, and then you will attend a Class A school for advances small arms weapons repair training. You cannot have any felony convictions, or any convictions on your civilian record that involve larceny, drugs, or theft. You will be responsible for completion of the Navy Small Arms Repair course.




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