America’s Military Recruiting Was One Of The Best.

As China and Russia continues to build their military forces, the current administration continues to cut America’s military spending all-the-while downsizing the man force.

But lets give credit to our military recruiters when credit is due. Perhaps the last half dozen years or so, the military has built one of the most prudent and capable forces ever.

Interesting that today’s military may now be the most educated force in the world. In fact, more than 90% of the military recruits have high school degrees compared to only 70% of their peers. Recruits earning a high school degree is important since they have 20% higher probability to complete military training. Not only that, but two thirds of military recruits make up the top half of students in math and verbal score testing. There are groups like the Navy SEALS who quote higher than 50% of the enlisted men have college degrees. All to say, the military was once the final choice for young adults who could not find a job. But now, that has all changed. The military offers too many benefits in a struggling economy and high unemployment to be ignored even by the brightest.

Perhaps this explains why military recruits come largely from the middle class while fewer come from families with lower earnings. Reports also indicate that recruits tend to come from suburban and rural areas as opposed to urban.

The Largest Disqualifier Today For Military Recruiting
Today’s largest disqualifier for America’s military recruit into the military is medical and the inability to meet physical standards. Medical disqualifiers include asthma, orthopedic injuries, etc. However, the leading cause for not being a military recruit is obesity. Almost half of all recruits today are not qualified for these reasons alone.




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