Navy Housing Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey Distributed

OCTOBER 15, 2014, WASHINGTON (NNS) – Navy housing residents can now provide feedback through the annual Resident Satisfaction Surveys (RSS) which is being distributed to both government-owned or leased and some privatized housing residents.

Residents in family housing should receive the RSS through the mail but may also participate on line. Participation in the survey allows for valuable feedback which helps with improving quality of life services for Sailors and their families.

“We are focused on providing superior customer service, housing and amenities to our Navy Housing residents,” said Navy Housing Program Director Greg Wright. “Hearing from our customers is critical to sustaining and improving our business.”

The RSS measures all aspects of customer satisfaction with Navy Housing including staff services, the condition and maintenance of homes, and other provided amenities such as loaner furnishings and housing community centers. Navy Housing encourages all residents to answer the survey and to provide comments which will help the housing staffs know where and how they may improve the services provided.

The survey is also used to target funding for facility and amenity improvements.

“Our residents’ feedback also drives improvement in facilities and services,” said Wright. “Project priorities are set based in part on resident satisfaction with the housing they receive.”

Three government-owned locations – Andersen Air Force Base (AFB), Naval Station (NS) Rota, and NS Guantanamo Bay – will be part of a pilot online-only survey process in 2014, and these residents will receive a letter with instructions regarding accessing their surveys online. All other residents of government-owned and leased family housing Navy-wide will receive a printed survey that can be returned by mail or submitted online.

This survey cycle also includes all residents at the following privatized housing locations: Carroll’s Creek at NS Everett, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (NAS), NAS Kingsville and Naval Complex New Orleans. All Navy Housing residents are surveyed annually at various times during the year; only those listed above are included in this specific survey cycle.

For more information about Navy Housing programs or to find contact information for your local Navy Housing Service Center, visit the Navy Housing website at

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