United States Air Force Careers & Jobs In Computers

The United States Air Force has a number of different careers that utilize computers, and the need for trained and specialized repairmen is an ongoing requirement. Getting training while in the Air Force can prepare you for many different types of jobs in the civilian field. You may be utilized to help operated and track enemy movements. Or you may be used to track surface threats using various types of computer and satellite generated unclassified and classified information. Either way, these are all types of activities that require computers, and being an Air Force Computer Repair Specialist is a job that will keep you busy and productive during your Air Force Career.

The Air Force has thousands of different personnel, and hundreds of aircraft that are all served by computer systems, be it radar and satellite tracking to different systems for navigation. Each and every single one of the different aircraft that are used in the modern Air Force have the latest in electronics, communications gear, and computer systems. Using these different types of systems and state of the Art gear, you will be a direct link in the national security and high degree of mission readiness, as you become a linchpin in the overall defense of the United States. Serving as an Air Force Computer systems operator and repair technician you will be required to handle both unclassified and classified materials as a matter of course. You will have to pass a background check, and you cannot have been convicted of any felonies or been in trouble in the past with the law.

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As a computer operations technician you may have to assume a number of different duties, which may include dealing with charts, schematics and other technical manuals, identifying and analyzing different radar signals and interpreting them, assisting in the communications between air force bases and aircraft, diagnose and troubleshoot problems in computer networks, computer cabling, and other communications equipment, and be available at a moments notice to travel into the field to diagnose and repair field computer issues.

Computer careers in the Air force requires a stability and maturity, you will work with state of the art multi million-dollar equipment, and you have to have a high degree of motivation, self-discipline and maturity. Much of the training that you will receive in the Air Force to work with computers will qualify you for later college credit.




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this article was helpful i want to deal with the computers in the airforce please email me with any more info thanks

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I am in 10th grade and taking as many computer classes i can because i really wanna serve in the airforce to work on computers because that is what i have always wanted to do and i just hope that i make it to that point one day in my life.

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Yes, and please email me regarding and helping me get a career in this, Thank you.

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i hope to be head of the military skills translators someday

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