Army Histopathology Technician Careers

An Army histopathology technician is the person who is responsible for performing a large number of tests on lab specimens. You will work to use lab equipment and microscope to determine the results of different necessary medical and lab tests. An Army Histopathology specialist is basically a highly trained lab technician that is qualified to not only test materials but also to gather and facilitate the obtaining of such specimens in the field. To qualify for the position of Army histopathologist you have to be a United States Citizen, have normal hearing and vision, and score high on certain portions of the ASVAB test. The specialist who performs as an Army histopathology is someone that deals with tissues, chemicals, specimen samples and a wide variety of test equipment that is used to test for a number of different things. If you have ever sat and watched some of the forensic television crime shows and wanted to do that kind of job, or if you have an interest in general in lab work or forensics, then this may be the job specialty for you. This is a job dealing with specimens and human tissues, and you will need to be comfortable dealing with different pieces of human tissue and body parts. You may at times be called upon to assist with post mortum autopsies, working directly and closely with the pathologist and person who are doing the autopsy. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! This is a little known field but one that is wide open for advancement. Dealing with the necessary testing and field work alone is something that a great many people would find too difficult. Serving as an Army histopatholgy specialist will get y our foot in the door, many Army histopathology technicians decide to go back to school and eventually wind up as career Army pathologists. Either way, your services in testing and performing highly technical tests and procedures is invaluable. You will attend basic combat training, for 9 weeks to learn basics about Army enlisted life and how and what is expected from you as an Army soldier. After boot camp you will attend the Army Histopathology specialist school where you will learn many different techniques and procedures about Army Histopathology. You will learn in simulated battle type conditions, as well as field and classroom instruction.




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