Benefits For Emergency Travel

One of the things that the military does better than many different types of jobs is provide for military benefits. There are traditional military benefits, such as pay and allowances, and then there are the benefits that are more esoteric, or lesser known. These benefits are just as important in some situations as benefits that are better known. One of the benefits that veterans can enjoy is travel for emergency situations. Emergency travel has always been one of the first priorities of Space Available travel. Space Available is the form of travel where military Servicemembers or their dependents can fly on military aircraft that has extra space, after the mission or military need has been filled. Often military aircraft have extra space, and emergency travel has been identified for Space Available travel as a first priority. As such dependents of Servicemembers who are traveling to meet or visit Servicemembers that have had a medical procedure, or operation is a priority one level situation, one that can often be accommodated by the Space Available program. Sometimes this takes a little while because it is at a Space Available procedure program, but it can often yield accommodations for a Servicemember who is patient. Another benefit exclusively for Servicemembers, and their Dependents is through a private non-profit program. The Veterans Angel Flight Program was began as a way to move Veterans who could not afford travel accommodations to their medical appointments, surgery or other medical necessary travel. It was started by a group of Veteran Pilots to provide support and assistance to members of the military community, military retirees, and the dependents of military Servicemembers. Veterans Angel Flight is a private, not for profit group, that is assisted by donations and volunteers to meet the travel needs of Servicemembers who have a long distance to travel for their medical care. It also provides for the needs of dependents that have to visit Servicemembers who are undergoing care a long distance from home. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The program is a low cost, and in some cases there is no cost at all to the participating Servicemembers. It provides travel for those veterans that have to have surgery or medical treatments a long ways from home, and helps dependents to travel and reunite with their Servicemember Veteran family. It is expressly designed to help support Veterans that require travel long distances for medical reasons but who have no way to support their travel needs.




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