Air Force Enlisted Weather Specialist

The Air Force Weather Enlisted Specialist works in the science branch of the Air Force. It is a technical job specialty that deals with weather recording, and forecasting. Weather is a subject that affects everyone from those in the civilian sector to those in military operations, to even the people that work in your local community. Being able to predict the weather accurately is a skill that is very necessary, both overseas and domestically. The Air Force staffs weather forecasting stations around the world with trained Weather Forecasting personnel. Weather Specialists that serve in the Air Force analyze weather reports, examine data on weather conditions, prepare and issues needed emergency severe warnings for weather conditions, and also they work to forecast and predict weather. They accumulate data and issue real time weather information forecasts to both service personnel and to civilian populations. The job of an Air Force weather specialist is a very challenging and technical one, and it is one that features training in meteorology, and advanced and basic weather methods. You will work in weather forecasting and participate in advanced level training, with a different and varied amount of weather forecasting equipment and related materials. You will work to examine and analyze different elements of the weather, from clouds to wind, visibility, atmospheric pressure, satellite images, Doppler radar images, and other types of data. One of the different things that you will use is learning to operate Weather Console Radar, and to use a Metro to Pilot type-high frequency radio. As an Air Force Weather Specialist you will work as part of a weather forecasting team, and learn how to participate in your weather squadron. There are eight weather Squadrons scattered around the world that the Air Force runs, and each of the Weather Squadrons has professional Weather Specialists that collectively work to predict and forecast the weather for that region. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. Each of the regions have different military Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Bases inside their boundaries, and the weather forecasting information that is received on a daily basis from the Air Force Weather Forecasting stations help them to plan and anticipate factors in their daily operational missions. Knowing and being able to have advance warning of the weather is a crucial factor in mission and operational planning.




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