Basic Training Preparation Tips

Signing up for the United States Military is a job that many people spend a lot of time preparing for, but many are not exactly sure what awaits them. People hear stories, and then get frightened, or they have other people tell them there is really nothing to worry about. The biggest challenge to prepare for in joining the military is to get in the best physical shape that you can, ahead of time. You should practice walking long distances, maybe several miles such as 4 or 5, a couple times a week, and also work to run and build up your endurance. Joining the military is not easy, but is doable. You have to remember, that as a new recruit, there are many people that have been in worse shape than you that have joined and made it through successfully, and that the likelihood of you joining and not passing basic recruit combat training is rather slim. Boot camp is all about learning to work as a team. After you take your ASVAB test, and begin to get ready to ship out to basic Training, there are some things to remember. Attitude- Much of the early time spent in basic training will be spent doing not much of anything. Typical Boot camp starts with you not sleeping much the first week, getting yelled at, and having to endure inspections, shaving your head, wearing a new set of clothing, and learning to stand, to join in formation, and to run. And you will likely run a lot the first few days. BUT, and this is a huge point, if you keep a good attitude, and keep working you will do fine. Studying- Much of the modern boot camp involves learning. You see routines on Television and movies, but the modern Armed Forces needs to have its recruits learn a lot of information in a short amount of time. So be prepared to learn, and tell yourself to work hard at it. If you do, you will get through the boot camp experience with a lot less confusion and hassle than if you try to goof off. Goofing off in Boot camp is not something you want to do. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Teamwork-Basically if you have to sum up boot camp its: A person is robbed of their individuality in a systematic way, and then given it back in stages learning how to be a team player, and to function as a team, being responsible and accountable for all members of your team. Besides that, you will be taught all the basics for your particular service. You will have general orders to learn, and sentry duties to perform, in addition to learning all about your service history, missions, and what it means to be an enlisted member of your particular service.




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