Military Enlisted Diving Specialist

Serving in the military there are a number of jobs that you can have that are dangerous, but none are as dangerous on a daily basis as the Army enlisted Diver. An Army Diving specialist works to perform missions as assigned beneath the water. Many people think that the Army only works on land, but that is not true, the United States Army has a lot of different missions both on land and in bodies of water. And when the mission involves delving beneath the surface of the water, the job often falls to the Army Enlisted Diving Specialist. Different types of tasks involving patrol, construction, repair, as well as search and rescue and other types of missions are routine for the trained Army enlisted Diver. As an Army enlisted diver you can be trained in engineering tasks including different types of salvage, and training in demolition. You can also receive training in reconnaissance, and other types of engineering tasks. As an Army enlisted diver you will likely participate in one of two main areas of Army Diving: Deep Sea- An Army diver that is a specialist in Deep Sea diving works for extended periods of time up to 200 feet beneath the water. This type of diving involves air that is pumped down to the diver by means of a hose, and the use of heavier than water equipment such as a diving hat, canvas or heavy-duty rubber diving suit, deep-sea hose and other equipment. Some of the duties that an enlisted Army Deep sea diving specialist has can involve patching holes in watercraft and hulls, salvaging different equipment, cleaning hulls, inspecting propellers, and using specialized welding gear to patch underwater. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Scuba Diver This is a diving specialty that is normally within a short distance of the surface of the water, for shorter periods of time. A diver in the Army who is a scuba specialist wears a mask, fins, air tank and other equipment, and is independent of any boat or other vessel and free to move about at will. Such a diver can surface or dive depending on the mission at hand. Army Enlisted Diving specialists have to have normal hearing and vision, and be physically fit. They should be excellent at swimming, and not be afraid of high stress situations or working inside closed spaces.




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