The Most Daring Dangerous Military Jobs For 2015?

The military is a rewarding, yet often dangerous, career path. Members of the military are the select few who have decided to take on the responsibility of defending our country or serve a vital support role in carrying out our country’s military efforts. The military offers comprehensive training in a variety of fields to support the country’s ability to defend our nation. Members are trained for military jobs in the latest technology and logistics, clerical positions, food service, medicine and combat roles both domestically and internationally. Every member in the military has a vital role in our defense system, but there are military jobs that can be more dangerous than others – here are 8 of the most dangerous military jobs:

1. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)– These are the guys who are brought in to disarm an explosive device. Members of the EOD team are specially trained to disarm, build, destruct, and deploy explosives. Their job is to get them out before anyone gets hurt. They aren’t limited to roadside bombs; They are trained to destruct nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Members of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal are dealing with the weapons everyone else runs from.

2. Special Ops and Special Tactics– Special Ops members can be called out anytime, anywhere. Members carry out raids, clear mine fields, drop into hostile territory and gather vital intelligence. This may include Navy Seals, Marines Force Recon and Army Green Berets/Rangers.

3. Para-Rescue (Also a Special Ops unit) They are dropped into a combat zone to retrieve members in dangerous situations. They risk their lives to save others.

4. Combat Medic– Combat medics will do many tours of duty in hostile territory. Medics accompany every group of soldiers and run to help them when they are in danger.

5. Supply Truck DriversYes, really! You see, when enemies are looking for a target, they set their sights on the supply trucks. Supply truck drivers can be carrying everything needed during war. They can carry food, fuel, weapons or ammunition.

6. Infantry– Infantry members are the feet on the ground, fighting an enemy face-to-face. They face the highest risk of injury and death. When we think of soldiers, this is who we see.

7. Rescue SwimmerRescue swimmers plunge from a helicopter into the treacherous and unknown dangers in the seas below to save the life of a stranger. Rescue swimmers are sent after people in the middle of the day and during the darkest nights despite the weather and water conditions.

8. Helicopter Pilots– Helicopters are an aerial target for enemies. Helicopters are used to attack tanks, carry soldiers, transport weapons and haul other loads. When the helicopter malfunctions, an error is made or is attacked my enemy fighter, the pilot goes down with his aircraft.

The danger in these precarious military jobs is the self-sacrifice in a unstable environment. Military members do what is needed to get the job done, despite the possibility of harm or even death. They know the risks they face and still they suit up and take charge to protect the lives of others. Military members in dangerous jobs look forward to the challenge of an occupation that no one else wants to do.

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