Coalition Soldiers Aided By Afghan Police

Food Supplies And Toys Passed Out By National Police There have been a number of successful efforts recently by the Afghan National police to hand out humanitarian supplies in remote Afghanistan villages. These are efforts that have been largely successful, but that had resulted in weapons and intelligence from common villagers that have been used to reduce the amount of weapons in the entire Afghanistan southern provinces. Recently there was an effort that was started by the Coalition, after a number of different groups in the United States donated clothing, supplies, food and water as well as a number of toys to children of Afghanistan. Girl scouts troops in Maryland, and a number of Kiwanis clubs from greater New York. The food and water were especially welcome, but the toys and supplies for the children brought rare smiles to the faces of many of the families receiving the items. The children are often not able to receive such things, and the toys and supplies were very well received, and many an Afghanistan child went away from the humanitarian goodwill supplies distribution with their very own treasure or new toy. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The members of the Afghanistan Police officers from the Koh Safi District, in the province of Parwan helped select the village of Jurahati for the majority of the donated supplies. Coalition troops from several units were assisted by the ANP soldiers, and everyone was a bit light of heart following the supplies distribution.




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