Tackling a Job Search for Military Veterans

Tackling a Job Search for Military Veterans is not always easy. In today’s economy, finding jobs in many industries is difficult, and that goes for veterans as well as civilians. However, when tackling a job search for military veterans, internet sources as well as state and local workforce guidance is available to veterans stepping from a military environment into the civilian workforce.

The Internet displays many resources for a job search for military veterans seeking a civilian job, from military recruiting firms to military career centers to jobs specifically listed for veterans as well as veterans wishing to transition from military occupational specialty to civilian employment. The United States Department of Labor offers guidance to veterans through their Jobs for Veterans Act that includes but is not limited to:

Accessing the United States Department of Labor employment and training administration can be reached through their website at www.dolita.gov, that includes links to available programs. Veterans searching this website should be aware that they do not provide information on veteran benefits or eligibility. They do, however, offer links to websites and files that provide job search tips and openings and positions available in various aspects of employment, education, training, as well as career assessment.

Discharged veterans as well as those who are approaching their separation date should take a look on the Internet at the different types of job banks that cater to veterans. Some websites that cater to veterans include but are not limited to:

Military websites also offer strategies and resources for veterans looking for jobs in civilian markets that correspond to or are similar to specialties performed in the military. The transition from military to civilian careers is made easier by staying within the job description or field that was held in the military. For example, if you worked in some aspect of electronics in the military, one might find a job in the electrical industry field in civilian life. This also goes for job descriptions in surveying, construction, and medicine.

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Officers transitioning from military to civilian life may find jobs requiring leadership skills to be easier than those requiring manual labor skills. Opportunities to relocate may also be a deciding factor for military veterans wishing to transition into civilian workplace environments in different states, and may also find more doors open to them.

Many veterans’ job boards found on the Internet also offers information on civilian jobs available for military spouses as well. Finding help creating a resume as well as posting on various job boards within military or veteran forums and discussion boards is also an option.

Many companies and corporations recruit military veterans almost exclusively, and offer help and suggestions for transitioning from active duty to civilian environments.

Military careers transition nicely into the civilian workforce, and are enhanced by good service records and skills training. For those nearing their end of commitment terms, take the time to research the job market before discharge. Visiting private sector or veteran and government job banks are one of the best ways to gauge the temperature of the employment market in a specific area, location, or specialty for those conducting a job search for military veterans in all industries.

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i read an article about US military officer should not take first class on plane when on a business trip. is that true? i cannot find any trip policy on the internet. thanks.

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