Deployed Marine Corps Education Support

One of the programs that have been used successfully in recent years to support the active duty Marine Corps Servicemembers on deployment is the Marine Corps Educational Deployment Program. It is a program for educational pursuits that assists personnel with coursework and undergraduate programs no matter where they are deployed. It is a program that allows Marine personnel that are stationed afloat as part of an expeditionary force, or stationed overseas, or actually stationed or deployed anywhere around the world to participate in educational coursework. The program is ran with the assistance and at the design of educational professionals from two different schools, though the program may be expanded to other educational institutions in the future. It is a program that is ran by Park University, and Central Texas College. Both of these institutions help define and identify the need for mobile, flexible education programs that would be adaptive and adjustable, for use in deployed Marine Corps and front line battlefield units. They stepped up to the plate and assisted the Marine Corps in designing programs of study that are flexible and that allow Marine in battlefield and other conditions to participate in their education. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The program allows the Marine Corps students to study on their own, independently. The Marines work with the two universities. The Individual commanders of each Marine Corps Unit Works to set aside time periods that their soldiers can gather as a group for instruction, times that do not conflict with the Mission at hand. The Universities are assisted by the Marine Corps to identify Senior Enlisted personnel in different units that are identified and employed as Instructors for the Universities. Those personnel that are qualified to act as instructors work for the Marine Corps in their own designated specialties, but at certain times they also act as Instructors for the universities, in small group instructional sessions that provide teaching and instruction for Marine Corps Individuals. Marine students pay the same tuition as regular students, and they study the same material as other students in civilian fields. Marines qualify for TA tuition Marine Corps funding, but they often pay for books and other supplemental material out of pocket. This program has worked successfully for a number of years, and the Marines on the front lines continue to benefit from the availability of this program.




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