Army Infantryman Careers

The Army Infantry specialty is a taxing physical job, and involves a lot of different physical activities. Digging foxholes, constructing barricades, transporting equipment and other physical requirements are just a few of the things that the Army Infantryman will be required to do. Job training for an Army Infantry specialty involves attending boot camp for 9 weeks, then between 8 to 10 weeks of individual advanced training. You will spend time in the classroom, and some of the time in simulated and live combat training exercises. You will receive state of the art training and instruction to help keep your soldier skills fresh and up to date. You will also receive weapons and equipment training that will help you perform as an Infantryman on a fire team. The Army Infantry specifically supervises or is a team member on a mortar squad, mortar platoon or section. Some of the duties of a Infantryman include: Working to neutralizing and locate mines, firing, employing and recovering anti tank and anti personnel mines and using combat skills including martial arts, and other various man-to-man personnel drills. You will work to carrying out scouting missions to observe gun locations and using two way signal equipment and radios to relay instructions and battle orders and in the field camouflaging and constructing positions for weapons and mortar equipment. As an Infantryman you will work at cleaning, operating and storing weapons and various rifles and guns, and use individual and crew tactics using various weapons in offensive and defensive ground combat operations. You will receive items arriving by parachute from planes carrying supplies and weapons. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Army Infantryman is the backbone of the Army ground forces. They destroy enemy ground forces, and capture territory. The Infantryman operated equipment and weapons in missions to eliminate and engage hostile forces. During peacetime it is the mission of the Infantry to be prepared at a moments notice to defend our country. After technical school you will have the opportunity to keep your skills current by participation in training exercises, and different war games. You will have the chance to target practice and hone your skills, keeping a high degree of mission and unit readiness. Infantry soldiers often take part in inter squad and inter service War Games, to keep their skills fresh. Senior Army Enlisted Infantry personnel supervise other soldiers and junior enlisted personnel. They supervise mortar squads, provide technical and tactical guidance, and report and observe on enemy fire.




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