Military On The Job Training Benefits

There are a couple of different types of training that the military can aid you in finding career work after you serve in the military. One type involves training while in the military, and the other is on the job vocational training that is paid for by funds from the Montgomery GI bill and other military aided funds after your military training is done. Active Duty OJT- There are a number of programs that the military uses to provide for vocational training in the military, and if you are serving in a job that qualifies you can at times receive up to 50 percent of the apprenticeship required by a civilian job while still serving in the military. The programs that are available do not require any off duty hours, and you can benefit from the training and vocational training that you engage in while serving on active duty service in the Military. The programs are driving by the civilian industry need for trained personnel, and if you serve in the construction or technical field in the military it is very possible that you will qualify for an apprenticeship job-training program. You must possess a HS diploma or GED and you have to otherwise qualify for the OJT military program that is ran by the DoD and the Department of labor. It gives credit for military training and service in specific vocational programs and duty fields allowing certain personnel institutional technical and vocational credit for their military service, and it yields a certificate of completion when a Servicemember completes the program. This certificate is widely recognized in the industrial and vocational civilian fields. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Post Service OJT Training- Many Servicemembers use their MGIB benefits to go to college and attend a university or school with the idea of attaining a 4-year degree. This is fine, but there are additional ways of using your GI bill benefits, such as a vocational or technical OJT training apprenticeship program. If you are engaging in training for a new job, you can collect up to $935 dollars a month from your MGIB benefits if you previously served on active duty. Even if you were a reservist, there are funding options for civilian OJT training from your Reserve MGIB benefits up to $263 dollars a month.




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