TriCare Broad Coverage Medical Benefits

The medical program that covers Servicemembers, both Active duty and mobilized reserves, as well as dependents and military veterans and retirees is called TriCare. It is the medical services that arose from the old CHAMPUS military medical program, and it serves the medical needs for the military forces of the United States. It is a program of medical, dental and support services that are designed to care for all the members of the five Armed Services of the United States, and it provides not only medical, but dental and other physical and medical services, including support for behavioral health and mental health issues. The services offered by TriCare are broad in coverage and a wide range of conditions; situations and areas are offered coverage. TriCare and its umbrella associated medical facilities in both the military and civilian realms provide care for Servicemembers and their Families both at home and abroad. TriCare is a managed Health Care program for Activated Reserve and National Guard, Active Duty and their families and dependents. It is a service that brings together the health care services of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and other services into one unified organization to serve the health care needs of the military. It is established as a regionally managed health care organization. Active duty Servicemembers and activated National Guard and Reservists are automatically enrolled in TriCare Prime, but there are a total of three different levels of service offered by TriCare: TriCare Prime, TriCare Standard, and TriCare Extra. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. TriCare Prime- This is the option that active duty Servicemembers are automatically enrolled in, and it features medical primary care facilities at military medical hospitals and clinics worldwide. There is no enrollment fee for TriCare Prime, but military personnel at military facilities perform most of the care and services in TriCare prime. The primary care facility for a Servicemember on TriCare Prime is military health facilities. TriCare Standard- This is what used to be the old CHAMPUS, fee-for-service option. It gives the most flexibility to a TriCare eligible people but it is not available for active duty Servicemembers only to dependents and Veterans. This is the option some beneficiaries use in areas where TriCare Prime is not available. It is also a popular choice among retired veteran Servicemembers. TriCare Extra- TriCare Extra is sort of a blend between TriCare Prime and TriCare Standard. It has some of the advantages and disadvantages of each standard of TriCare. You have a deductible, but no annual fee.




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