Army Intelligence Enlisted Specialist

Some of the most exciting duty anywhere is serving in the Army as an Intelligence Specialist. Army Intelligence Enlisted Specialists work with data, intelligence and information. They work with both classified and routine information documents. They work to help defend the nation against enemy threats and enemy action. When you are working as an Intelligence Specialist in the Army you will work with information that is vital to homeland defense. You will work to gather data and compile raw information, and compile it. You will take information and turn it into reports and processed intelligence, and vital different information will be used by military leaders and Commanders. It is work that is both important and exciting. But it is also very serious; you will deal with secret and top-secret intelligence information. You will work with documents and intelligence dealing with the security of the United States. You will work to protect classified data and information that is sensitive and time important. You will work for the Army Intelligence Service and you will be responsible for the intelligence and information that comes in. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. As a trained intelligence specialist you will work with classified material, and be part of the inside group that helps to determine if information is real or false. It is a job that requires a clear background, with no felony or misdemeanor convictions on your record other than perhaps minor traffic offenses. You will have to undergo a top-secret security background check. You will work to help track inbound radar threats and inbound surface threats, as well as dealing with coding and decoding data, information and other classified materials. Army Intelligence specialists are the experts of information for the entire service. While they are often faced with lots of boredom and routine issues, they also have issues that deal with information they cannot share, and that affect potentially thousands of lives. Training begins after Basic combat training, which lasts 9 weeks. After boot camp you will advanced to Intelligence Army training school that will run you through the paces and train you in the latest in intelligence and military information skills. You will work with other experts to learn how to deal with all the different intelligence situations.




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