9th Marine Regiment Creates Peaceful Zone

Area Near Ramadi Freed Of Terrorist Elements Day after day combat boots worn by brave US Marine Corps individuals rove up and down the streets of Ramadi, keeping the streets and citizens safe. Each day it’s the same yet different, and each day the foot patrols yield the safety that the region is becoming known for. And, as the Marine Corps begin to prepare for the slow withdrawal of the surge forces in the region, the responsibility for the security slowly is being passed to the Iraqi Security forces. And it is being passed successfully. The patrols that are being held in the region are joint in nature, and they are working hard to bring the Iraqi Police and National Army online, with training and joint patrols to allow the transition to be successful, and to continue in a smooth manner. The Marines Regimental Team 1, 9th Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion Company A are working hard to patrol the neighborhood, and to help the members of the Iraqi Security forces to step up and take the point as they become qualified. And they are steadily, consistently being trained to take over where the Marine Corps soldiers will leave off. As they provide mentoring, and show by example what needs to be done, the Iraqi citizens are beginning to trust both the coalition and the Iraqi soldiers as they provide security. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The Iraqi Police are doing an excellent job and as they continue to become professionally adept, the community will be in excellent hands as the coalition withdraws from the area.




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