USAF Defenses Against Cyber Terror

The United States Armed Forces are premier among the military forces in the world, but leaders among each of the armed services know that they fight with computer networks that are vulnerable to attack from cyber terrorism. Their ability to fight successfully on the ground, at sea, in the air, or even in space depends on the effective functioning of computer networks. These networks are more complex as technology is advanced, and their openings to attack become increased, as the technology grows more complex. Our national security and the future safety of our nation at large is dependant on the defense of our airspace, but also our cyberspace. The cost and infrastructure that has gone into the installation and perfection of the Internet has not just been to benefit citizens, but also to provide for the defense and protection of America. The United States Air Force has been quietly behind the scenes fighting in the Cyberspace War. The Air Force answered the challenge to protect the Worlds cyberspace quietly in December 2005 with the creation of the new Air Force mission and its statement: To serve the United States and its global interests, to fight and do battle in Space, In the Air, and in Cyberspace. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. The Air Force has built a new major command that will assume full responsibility for coordination and aggressive cyberspace operations. The Air Force is the training organization to train, equip, organize and operate forces to preserve freedom of access to cyberspace, as much as Air Force Space Command, and Air Combat Command preserve space and airspace, respectively. The definition of Cyberspace is elusive, but as Air Force Cyber Command takes shape part of its mission is to establish and define parameters to secure and defend against cyber terrorists and anyone who will seek to threaten the interests of the nation of the United States of America. The defense of cyberspace covers broad activities including computer networks, global positioning satellites, communications and Internet, as well as a wide interlink of Internet and electronic financial transactions. The Air Force Cyber command will have responsibilities that are defined by the Congress and the Commander in Chief, as well as the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They will use electromagnetic forces, electronics, the Internet, as well as physical assets such as AWACS, Radar, and any other military equipment necessary to root out, discover, identify and neutralize any threats to American and international cyberspace.




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