Naval Battle Of Midway

The United States Navy has many different battles and actions that it is known for. One of the best known and most memorable is the Battle Of Midway, fought for the Midway Islands in the Pacific Theater in World War II. It was actively fought from June 4th 1942 to June 7th, 1942, and took place almost a month to the day after the Battle of the Coral Sea. The battle of Midway was nearly six months after the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

This was one of the first battles that were a victory for the United States; it was an important battle in the terms of morale as well as showing the Japanese that we were not to be trifled with. It is regarded by many people to have been the most important Navy battle of World War II and a kind of turning point for the War in the Pacific. It was an important battle for many reasons, partly because it weakened the Imperial Navy and it gave our American and Allied Forces a shot in the arm of encouragement.

The U.S. Navy Battle of Midway resulted in the loss of one destroyer and an Aircraft carrier, and Navy Warplanes and Navy Forces sank a heavy cruiser and four Japanese Aircraft Carriers. What many people do not realize that when the Aircraft Carriers went down, the Airplanes that were based on the Carriers also had no place to return to. This resulted in the loss of 200 airplanes and 200 aviators, which is even more damaging to the Japanese Naval effort. The resulting loss of trained Japanese Navy sailors and Navy Aviators led the Japanese Navy to be inferior within just a few months after the Midway battle.

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The Japanese plan of attack was to try and get the American Forces to come into a trap, and to occupy the Islands of Midway Atoll. The battle was won because of the efforts of Admiral Chester Nimitz. He poured every available U.S. Carrier back into the battle: the USS Hornet, USS Enterprise, even the freshly damaged USS Yorktown was hurriedly repaired and given back into the battle.

The Battle lives on as an example of the can do spirit that pervades the United States Navy even today. After being damaged, the USS Yorktown was repaired and put back into service to join in the Battle Of Midway, and because of the USS Yorktown, the other Carriers, the overall make do with less attitude, the entire War in the Pacific was turned around by the Midway Battle.




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Do you know how many casualties and how many people were involved?

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as an australian we owe so much to the brave american servicemen & woman who lost their lives in th
s war fighting japenese agresson ,they though american moral was weak but how wrong they were ,with the pearl harbour atrocity still on their minds americans will never fogive ,the midway battle was a great victory & in my mind won the war…

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