Army ROTC a Good Choice For You?

The ROTC stands for the Army’s Reserve Officer Training Corps and this came into being in the year 1916, when the National Defense Act was signed by President Woodrow Wilson. Since the inception of the ROTC, it has been able to provide military and leadership training at universities and schools all across the country. The ROTC is considered as one of the commissioning source which is largest.

What is Army ROTC?

This Army ROTC can be considered a diverse group of women and men and you have around 20,000 cadets or even more which are enrolled currently. You find that women have a part which is integral in the ROTC since 1976, when the first group was commissioned. You find almost 20 percent of women as the Cadets. The ROTC host programs amount to almost 273 with more than 11000 schools and partnerships affiliate across the whole country. The ROTC is able to provide almost 60 percent of the Second Lieutenants in the Army, Army National Guard and the Army Reserve. The ROTC was able to commission 40 percent and more Active Duty Army General Officers.


When to take Army ROTC

Army ROTC can be taken along with your college classes as an additional curriculum. This is able to provide you with the training, tools and experiences that can be helpful for your success in any environment which is competitive. Army ROTC is also able to pay the college tuition besides the training which you acquire for leadership. As this Army ROTC is an elective, you can participate your sophomore and freshman years without having to join the Army. You can go about your college life as a normal student like anyone else on the campus, but once you have completed your graduation you will be commissioned in the position of an Officer in the Army. It is at this point, you will be able to specialize in the areas of your interest, which are called’ branches’.

What ROTC is looking for?

Usually you find that those who are successful in this Army ROTC are students who are excellent and want something more out of their experience in college. You can find among these physically strong athletes, students who have managed to have good grades besides leaders with a desire to learn more in life.

Program for Nurse

You can think of enhancing your skills of leadership and the abilities for critical thinking besides being able to provide financial support and make sure you can make a reality of your goals, you can enroll in the ROTC and pursue your undergraduate degree in Nursing. You can think of being a Nurse in the Army as this will be able to provide you benefits which you might not get in the civilian world. You are sure to obtain the respect of peers and co-workers as an Army Nurse, besides which you are given different opportunities to work in different specialized sections.

Commitment required for ROTC?

Students of this Army ROTC or even those who receive a scholarship for the Army ROTC or enter the Advanced Course in the Army ROTC need to agree to be able to complete a period of service with the Army.

1. You are given the option of serving full time in the Army for a period of three years , which might be four years for those who get the scholarship.

2. The Cadets who are selected have the option of choosing part time in the Army Reserve of the US or even the Army National Guard while pursuing a civilian career.

You can say that this is one experience which is difficult to get elsewhere as your skills of leadership are challenged each day. If you enroll in the Basic course of the Army ROTC you are not required to commit in any which way for serving the Army, where scholarship is an exception.


Ways of Enrolling

You can enroll for the ROTC through the scholarships offered here which are merit-based. And is able to pay your tuition totally and also open opportunities for education. You can become an officer in the Army by joining ROTC immaterial whether you are in college, school or are in the Army already.

High School Students

If you are a senior or eve a junior and are inclined towards enrolling in the Army ROTC you have a choice of more than 1100 colleges besides universities that carry this program of Army ROTC, you can also get the required information from the advisor of education.

College Students

You can approach the Army Enrollment Officer of ROTC on the campus of your college, if you are in college. You will be able to take the course for the Army basic course of ROTC and also find out which incentives are available for the same besides the available opportunities available for scholarship based on merit for two to four years.

Graduate Students and Junior College

If you are in Junior College and have two more years to go, you are definitely eligible for the enrollment in ROTC.

Leaders Training Course

The above mentioned course is for those students who wish to complete the training course of Army ROTC in a time span of two years. You need to qualify for this for which you need to complete a motivating and challenging training program of 28 days in Kentucky, at Fort Knox. Once you can complete this LTC (Leaders Training Course) graduates are back in the campus to prepare for the Advanced Course.

Enlisted Soldiers

The Division’s Commander’s Hip Pocket Scholarship Program of the ROTC is able to provide soldiers which are selected a chance to complete their requirements for the baccalaureate degree and also get a commission by participating in the program for scholarship by ROTC.

Program of Simultaneous Membership

SMP or gives you a chance to serve in the US Army National Guard or the US Army Reserve after you attend the army ROTC. You are provided an opportunity for more experience and training. Cadets can attend college and serve the National Guard or the army reserve at the same time. You can earn benefits besides National Guard/Army Reserve pay besides the allowances of the ROTC.

Army Partnership for the Youth Success Program

This PAYS or the Partnership for Youth’s success is a strategic, innovative Army recruiting and marketing program that is able to establish a partnership program with the public sector agencies and the US industries. Cadets who are enrolled in this program of PAYS are eligible for possible employment and a job interview and possibly an employment after commissioning and the requirements of college.

Benefits of ROTC in College

1. Scholarships:
Cadets of the ROTC have access to a large number of tuition assistance programs and scholarships. You can get the total tuition cost covered by this which depends on the tuition costs of your school and other factors such as post-graduation commitment for enlistment, grades, and the tuition assistance need. You can get scholarships also for the payment of books, living expenses and educational expenses. This can make college affordable for those who are interested in a career in military. You need to enlist for your services in the military in return for all this. In case of you dropping out before you complete your graduation you might have to repay the scholarship given.

2. Careers
ROTC members, after their graduation, become officers in the military, generally second lieutenants. The role you play in the military can ensure you of other benefits besides the many career options like the special forces officer or the aviation officer. Officers get a chance to advance the ranking system in the military and the ROTC can be your initial step towards a long and successful career in the military.

3. Development of Skills
Participation in the ROTC is able to help you in the implementation of skills that you are in the process of learning and also master the skills you might require in your career. You will learn management and leadership skills as the future officer. The schedule in the ROTC is demanding due to which you learn time management , a high-level of the discipline required and scheduling which can be termed as ‘rigorous’. Even if you have decided to pursue another career after your commitment with the Army is done with, these skills are definitely a big help.

4. Peer Group
As we are aware that college is not all about making friends and academics, the friends you make here can be your life time buddies. As a member of the ROTC you tend to be close to people who are like-minded with whom you will be spending a whole lot of time. You will not find the need for making friends as the parties and other social gatherings you attend will make sure you have enough and more friends. You have a lot of events which tend to keep you busy besides your scheduled routine.




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