Construction Enlisted Metal Workers

Receiving metalworker training in the Army is a specialty occupation. There is almost constant construction going on at Army Facilities around the country, and around the world. Many different construction events are going on at any one time, and the need for skilled metal workers is normally high. A trained metal fabrication worker is a person who deals with metals and works to aid in different construction efforts serving Army missions worldwide. If you choose metal working as your Army MOS job specialty, you will not only receive top-level professional job training and receive a skill that you can utilize for the rest of your life. Not only that, but Metal working is also a job specialty that is possible to be involved in the Army PaYS program, where you can be matched with companies for job referrals and matching after you are done with the military. When you work in the Army as a Sheet metal worker or Army fabrication specialist, you will work with sheet metal and different types of structural steel and metal. As an Army metal worker you will fabricate, design, construct and install metal and metal products onto Army construction projects located around the world. You will make air ducts, roofs, gutters, vents, as well as using equipment and metal in a variety of other construction jobs. You will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of body parts, hulls, and other areas of metal for Army watercraft, vehicles, construction sites and other Army Projects. Some of the different activities as an Army Metal worker that you can be involved in include: Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Fabrication- You will work to construct and make different parts, elements and pieces of equipment as needed out of metal. You will have opportunities to help troubleshoot and assist in repair efforts where specific metal pieces are fashioned on the fly, as needed, and as the Army metal worker you will work to fashion these materials out of raw metal pieces. Welding- Working as an Army metal worker you will learn how to weld and join together different types and forms of metal. You will learn arc welding, oxyacetylene welding, and how to weld and deal with both ferrous and non-ferrous types of metals. Serving as an Army metalworker means you will go where you are needed, and you have the potential to travel to any place that the Army serves, potentially, around the world.




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