Navy Surface Warfare Officer

There is a huge amount of responsibility for the Surface Warfare Officer that serves on vessels in the Navy. The Surface Warfare Navy Officer is responsible for using a vast array of equipment and systems, both in port and underway. You will have the opportunity to travel around the world on the vessels you are assigned to, and you will gain experience as you serve aboard a variety of different Navy vessels. Experts in Navy operations man the ships and crews of the Navy, and serving as a Navy Surface Warfare Officer is a position that will thrust you into the thick of things. The main arm of the Navy is the surface vessels, the destroyers, cruisers, frigates, aircraft carriers, small boats and other ships in the fleet. The United States Navy is one of the most technological and tactically advanced Navy fleets in the world, bar none. The Surface Warfare Officer is responsible to use weapons systems, computer displays, and advanced technology for use in battle and ship defense. Surface Warfare officers work in every single aspect of surface warfare and vessel operations. They participate in defense and aviation operations, Theater Air Missile operations, anti submarine warfare, air-to-air warfare, support and supply missions, as well as other Navy and Marine Corps expeditionary force missions. All are part of the overall assignment given to the Surface Warfare officer mission. During a typical sea tour, the Navy Surface Warfare Officer can be assigned to any number of different assignments on board ship. They can be assigned in one of the following areas: Mine Warfare- Working to detect and identify the location of mines, to neutralize minefield that need to be removed, and to prevent threats posed by mines to Navy and Maritime forces. Logistics And Combat- To deal with re supply efforts and provide fellow fleet ships with food, ammunitions, supplies and logistical support, to aid and assist repair, maintenance and rescue capability of support and surface fleet Navy Ships. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Amphibious Support- To support vehicle, soldier, troop and cargo embarkation, and to assist in delivery of expeditionary assault and attack operations soldiers. Destroyer-Cruiser- To assist ship defense and supply measures with a wide variety of firepower and missile surface capability. There are several different ways to become a Navy Surface Welfare officer. You can attend ROTC and graduate and become a commissioned officer, or attend OCS. No matter the route, serving as a Surface Warfare Navy Officer is a proud and vital Navy tradition.




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