Enlisted Continuing Education Programs

The United States Military is committed to making sure that they have education programs available for their Servicemembers. They want to make opportunities available for various types of education at both the college and university levels, but also education that assist the military. One of the leaders in education is the United States Air Force. They pioneered education in many ways when they established the Air Force Community College in the 1970’s. This was first done as a method of supporting the training and education that Air Force personnel were receiving on the job, and finding a method of bringing this experience and training together for college credit. Many people scoffed at the idea of military institutions creating a community college from scratch, but the Air Force has become a leader in this area, creating a model for the other services to emulate. The Air Force created its very own 2-year community college to offer a full variety of education opportunities. There are education tracks for Pre Commissioning, to 2-year degrees that take the very most scientific and technological concepts and works them into a 2-year associates of science degree. The Air Force Community College awards both educational and professional degrees and certificates for courses of study. The different programs are designed to assist in different stages of a person’s career and life. Air Force Community College is also known by the lofty title of Air Force University. It was formed and serves to assist in the training and education of Air Force enlisted and commissioned officers. There are three main campus locations, Maxwell AFB, Wright Patterson AFB, and Maxwell Günter Annex facility. There are a couple of different programs and types of training that are offered, and these include: Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Squadron Officer School- This is the set of courses designed by the Air Force to teach military leadership, air and space doctrine, world security topics, and international issues. It teaches a set of communication skill to students and exposes them to new issues and topics. It challenges students to push themselves to the limit. Enlisted Professional Education College- This is the program that teaches many of the programs featured in the Air Force non-commissioned area today. It includes Non commissioned Officers school and the Senior Airman Leadership Academy.




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