Marine Corps Family Education Programs

Education support in the Marine Corps can take many different forms. All of the different programs have in common supporting the Servicemember or military Spouse or military dependant in their efforts to get an education. All of the Marine Corps Education programs offer some sort of financial or other support to help the Servicemember or their dependent get an education. There are a number of different programs that offer practical support and give real time financial assistance to the Servicemember. Some of these programs can include: Tuition Assistance- The tuition assistance program is the program that the Marine Corps offers that allows 100 percent of the tuition for an active duty Marine Corps Servicemember to be paid for by the Marine Corps. It only pays for tuition assistance, and this and a version of this program is also available in each of the other four United States Armed Services. Tuition Assistance is aimed at giving the Active Duty Servicemember a leg up on paying for their education while they are serving on active duty for their country. Marine Corps Tuition Assistance provides for courses that Marine individuals take during their off duty hours, and it is available for those Servicemembers who pursue education on a voluntary basis while not on duty. The total amount available for Marine TA funding is 100 percent of the tuition and fees for schooling not to exceed $250 dollars per credit hour, or $4,500 dollars per year. Marine Corps Tuition Assistance is also available for spouses and Marine Corps dependants in some situations. To apply for TA assistance first time TA applicants are required to attend a TA orientation in person. There are some situations that because of remote duty or distance that the class orientation can be completed over the Internet. Do You Have Prior Service? Get Cash Bonuses For Your Past Military Service. Click here for more information. When a Marine Corps Tuition Assistance applicant is accepted for tuition assistance they must complete a plan for their degree before they complete their first 12 semester hours of their degree. SOCMAR- The Marine Corps also offers a Marine Corps Opportunity Program. It offers funds at different Marine Corps and Navy facilities around the world. In some cases Distant Learning programs can at times qualify. If a program qualifies under the SOCMAR program then there is not any residency requirements.




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