Soldiers Solve Yusifiyah Traffic Issues

2nd BCT and 3rd Infantry Troops Assist With Pump Station The region of Yusifiyah has seen a lot of change in the last 18 months, and none has been as welcome as the restoration of water at the pumping Maderiyah station. Water is now flowing again into the area located about 25 kilometres to the south of Baghdad. The restored water is flowing again and the citizens and residents are overjoyed. The water is used for irrigation and drinking. Now that the water has been repaired the soldiers of 3rd Infantry 2nd BCT have turned their attention to other matters- Helping assist and control vehicle traffic. Traveling to the water treatment area is at times difficult and time consuming, as traffic makes the trip long and tedious. The soldiers have been working hard to ease congestion and make the trip shorter and more efficient. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. Soldiers from another coalition unit also pitched in to help, the 9th Field Artillery, 1st Battalion, Battery B began to assist, finding others and Iraqi contractors to help with the traffic issue and deal with small construction projects to assist in the project. Soldiers traveled to the site on May 21st to assess the progress made by Iraqi contractors, and to evaluate the next steps in the project. The next steps involve adding a bridge to assist in travel on routes Aggies and Bismark, as well as assisting in general road construction and road widening. The road construction project has also led to extended jobs for 30 Iraqi residents. This also has helped with the process of winning hearts and minds in the Maderiyah region.




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