101st Airborne Assists Iraqi Citizens

Citizens Begin To Help With Ongoing Security Responsibility The trusting relationship that the coalition is enjoying with the local citizens has been long to come to fruition. As the soldiers and troops with the coalition have provided support and aid, slowly they have won over the local citizens, and a trusting relationship has arose. Various projects in rebuilding schools, war torn marketplaces and regions that are severely damaged have been reconstructed, piece-by-piece. As the local citizens have benefited from micro grants and other types of coalition-supported aid, they have begun to see the efforts by coalition forces as an aid and support instead of an enemy. The 101st Airborne, 87th infantry regiment soldiers have worked hard to support the citizens located around Operating Base Speicher. They were aided by 501st Special Troop Battalion Soldiers, and as they worked to give supplies and aid to the local citizens, the citizens have worked to do their part in return. Citizens have been working to bring in small groups of munitions, from different caches and weapons stashes. A number of different tips have given to soldiers that have resulted in a large number of weapons being surrendered. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! The troops of the 101st Airborne have been very pleased with their ongoing relationship, and have continued to bring supplies, food and water to the local citizens. The supply of guns being turned in to coalition soldiers have also continued. Each gun or explosive surrendered is a munition that will never be used to hurt coalition troops.




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