Job Skill Military Employment Benefits

Years ago when you would join the Army you would be entering the service at face value, when you were done with the Army, they were also done with you. The idea of support of having any sort of supplementary assistance or planning for your life after the Army was just not something that the United States Army took a part in. Well that has in many ways changed, the modern United States Army takes a direct interest in assisting and helping its members with employment opportunities after they are done with the Army. One of the ways that the Army does this is with a program that they have pioneered with private firms and companies. This program is called the Partnership for Youth Success, and it is a program that a qualified Servicemember signs up for when they first enlist in the Army. PaYS Program- The Partnership for Youth Success program is one that supports Army enlistment in several ways. When you first approach the Army you are shown a list of companies that participate in the Youth Success Program. You read over the list, and select from the different corporations or companies a job that you wish to be qualified for after you end your Army Career. You work with the Recruiter to match the company and job for after the Army with a military job specialty that will give you training and support toward meeting that job goal. Find the Military Career right for YOU ! Click here for more Information. After you work to secure a guaranteed school and job specialty, you will attend boot camp and technical school, and participate in your career. After you complete your career you will have an opportunity to have a guaranteed interview with the company you selected before your Army enlistment. This is not a perfect program, but it works hard to try and match candidates with jobs. The needs of the Army come first, and sometimes a candidate may have to settle for their 2nd or 3rd choice. As much as possible you will be supported in your choice by both the Army and the company you have selected. As you prepare to end your military enlistment you will have a chance to proceed in the PaYS program and contact your job partner company. The PaYS program have already placed thousands of Army prior service people into PaYS program positions, and is considered a very successful program.




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