Military Assistance Deployment Benefits

There are a variety of different benefits that are available for military Servicemembers who are facing deployment. Some of these benefits are well known, and some of them are not as frequently discussed, but all of them are available to Servicemembers who are headed for deployment. Participating in the military is somewhat like being inducted into a huge family organization, even if it seems a little bit dysfunctional at time. There are specific things you can do to get assistance and help, and other things that are a benefit to everyone, every Servicemember regardless of rank or rating. As you go out onto active duty, you will be assigned to a variety of possible duty stations, and as you are deployed you will encounter a number of services to aid your new deployment. Some of the different types of benefits that you will have access to can involve: Military Pay- There are often areas of deployment that you cannot anticipate financially. You plan and try and anticipate the financial bills and issues, but you cannot always know what you will spend. As you settle in to your new duty station, you should check out different areas of financial support including your regular pay, your savings, and other different areas of support. Per Diem- Traveling to your new duty station you can qualify for Per Diem, or a payment that is intended to help reimburse you for living and travel expenses. You should deal with your command directly when it comes to per Diem, you can take positive advantage of your mode of transportation in some cases. You will qualify for payment by whichever mode of transportation the government deems reasonable. If you are able to transport yourself and your belongings, including your dependants and other materials cheaper, you often can keep the difference between the Per Diem that you receive and the actual cost it takes for you to travel to your new duty deployment station. Are you interested in an exciting career in the Military? See if you qualify. Click Here Now! Advance Pay- You can also approach your command about advance pay. This is limited to up to 3 months of your basic pay and allowances, and can be claimed from either your current command or the command you are traveling to. Either way, the maximum normally allowed is 90 days and the amount advanced to you is paid back slowly over a period of time, not normally to exceed one year.




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